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January 21, 2022

This Gantt chart shows the team what should be completed each week. The bars that are darker are on our Critical path. This means that these are the tasks that absolutely must be completed in time to keep us on track on completing our project on time.

Image by Kelly Sikkema


January 21, 2022

This is a simplified version of the team's Gantt Chart. It is separated by the different subsystems with task in each one. We have highlighted those that are completely finished in green.

Image by Eric Rothermel


January 21, 2021

The team was tasked with creating a presentation to show the rough outline of our Gantt Chart with each person assigned to each subsystem.

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Updated 4/28/22

The team has been able to stay on track with the Gantt Chart other than a few minor components. Thankfully, the team worked diligently on all tasks that were on the critical path leading to successful subsystem completion in time for the testing stages of the project. Because there were some unforeseen issues, the team did fall behind on some ordering of connections, but this was an easy fix as there was an abundance of spare parts available to the team. While the team did complete the project in time, the competition does not take place until May 11th giving the team time to continue improving the system.

Gantt Progress.jpg
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The team plans to test three important subsystems before bringing them together in an integration test.

The team will test the DC-DC Converter through a Matrix Test comparing Input Voltages, Duty Cycle, Power, and Current to the Output Voltage, Current and Power in order to ensure that efficiency of the team built DC-DC converter is within the customer requirements. The team also plans to test the AC/DC Converter with the motor to ensure that the team will know what to expect for the DC/DC Converter. This will be tested through a Matrix Test. The team will then use a step-by-step test on the braking system. Through this, the team will ensure that the code and actuator will meet all braking steps that the team will face in the competition. Finally, the team will use an integration test on the PCB to ensure all components work together. 

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