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System Overview seen to the right

We are the NAU CWC 2022 Electrical Engineer Team. It is our responsibility to design and implement the electronics for a wind turbine for the NAU CWC Team. In May 2022 we will take the wind turbine to Texas to compete in the Collegiate Wind Competition, competing against other university's from across the United States.

We are a team of 5 Electrical Engineering students studying at Northern Arizona University. Each individual has a link to renewable energy and has the desire to pursue working in the renewable sector in the future.

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Collegiate Wind Competition

The team is working on the Collegiate Wind Competition (CWC). This competition has been around since 2014, and NAU has partaken every year. This competition allows for undergraduate students to begin working in the wind energy sector before they graduate. This year, eleven teams from across the country will partake in this competition. The team is working with both Dr. Yaramasu and professor David Willy at Northern Arizona University to aide in our competition.

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The world today is moving towards cleaner energy. With the obvious harm many nonrenewable energy sources provide as well as the depletion in these sources, the world is in dire need of finding new energy sources that are renewable. One of the biggest renewable sources worked on today is wind energy. The team is using this project to gain hands on experience with finding an effective creation of a wind turbine while also receiving useful strategies in working with other engineers as well as learning how to create cleaner energy. The team is also creating offshore turbines this semester. These have been proven to be highly effective as there is typically a large amount of wind on shores. These turbines can be used on any coast line.

Sillouette of Wind Turbine
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